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Department of Geology
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS

I am a second-year master's student studying geophysics with a focus on induced seismicity. My primary research interests include induced seismicity, fault identification, slow slip events, and anything earthquake related. Apart from seismology, my career interests include 2D and 3D-seismic imaging of the earth's subsurface, seismic data analysis well data correlation, and seismic monitoring of CO2 sequestration.

Slawson Hall, Room G170


Geology GSO - Social Coordinator

Geology Master's Student Representative


     As I advance in my career as a researcher, with a focus on geology, geophysics, and seismology, my passion lies in dedicating my skills and knowledge to the application of geophysics. Whether I am interpreting subsurface data or studying a region's seismicity, I have consistently held a profound fascination for the interaction of waves traveling through the earth. 

  Now, as an inquisitive student, I have embarked on a journey to comprehensively understand these seismic events. As I prepare to graduate with a Master of Science degree, I'm poised to take the next step in my career. My objective is to understand seismic events on a deeper level, learn the science of wave propagation through Earth material, and broaden my knowledge using Geophysical software, techniques, and how to apply them to modern day problems through seismic imaging.

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Lawrence, KS, USA


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