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Walk 2,653 Miles to Canada with Me

To the left, I stand at the Mexico/California border on March 14, 2021. And on the right, I stand at the Washington/Canada border on September 12, 2021. What happened in between the dates these two photos were taken?

The Desert: Mexico to Kennedy Meadows South

The desert was a forgiving place when hiking in March. Freezing nights accompanied by scorching days made for a deep sleep each night.

As Jake and I would lay down, exhausted from hiking 10 hours a day, we would plan the mileage, water breaks, and campsites for the next day.

Trying to keep moral high, we would talk about what food we wanted to order in the next town. We would dream of hot showers, comfy beds, and watching TV.

The little things became the luxury we desired most. However, we never wanted to leave the trail either. How could we be so miserable, but also so free?

I remember a day back in March 2021, we had stopped at a local "watering hole" called Mike's Place. This was supposed to be a place of hiker fun and ~trail magic~

Next thing you know, Mike had the hikers doing roof work and cleaning his junk yard, all for the hope of a cold beer or Coca-Cola.

Jake and I decided to get out water and move one. The desert was proving to be a weird place.

The desert landscape persisted for 702 miles.

A monotonous torture we endured knowing the Sierra Nevada mountains were waiting for us!

Our 10-mile days became 20-mile days.

Our 7AM wakeup call became a 3AM wakeup call.

The heat was rising. It was time to leave the desert.

So, we traded cacti and rattlesnakes for snow and lakes! Water was everywhere and we were so happy to be here. Until the storm came in.

The Sierra's: Kennedy Meadows South to Lake Tahoe

Northern California: Lake Tahoe to Oregon



It's all over.


The feelings I had when I saw the terminus ahead came pouring out. I was ready to finally be done walking. I wanted to wear other clothes and eat vegetables. I wanted to see my friends and family, go to graduate school and get my master's degree. I wanted to do everything!

But I also wanted to just keep walking.


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